Debt & Asset Recovery and Investigations

We provide debt and asset recovery services for various clients, ranging from banks, large corporates as well as offshore and local high-net-worth individuals. Whether it is one-off assistance to recover a single debt or a revolving service to support your credit control activities, our service is designed to deliver economic value, allowing Clients to control and manage costs every step of the way. We also have significant experience in acting for victims of fraud and recovering stolen assets.

There are several stages to recovering a debt, and the objective of our lawyers is to resolve the impasse at the earliest stage possible:

  1. Pre-raising an action, such as issuing effective demand letters. We can also do pre-suing investigations to assess the value of proceeding to the next level.
  2. Sometimes, there are no alternatives to raising Legal Proceedings. Our team is hugely experienced in recovering debts and can handle all aspects of the process for you, advising the Clients of the options at each stage and keeping Clients up to date all through the process.
  3. Where a debt remains outstanding following a Court Judgment, a range of enforcement options are available for clients to seek to secure payment. We deploy our extensive experience to steer clients towards the most pragmatic solution in every instance.